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Our Amazing Sponsors

At Outlaw Entertainment, we’re passionate about growing great talent as well as great partnerships.


Iron Horse Premium Guitar Amplifiers

Since 2000, our talent has taken the industry by storm, making appearances in TV commercials, shows, movies, and more. Julia Shane has been a pleasure to work with, lighting up the screen with incredible stage presence. Julia Shane is just one success story out of the many talent we work with. Check out more from Julia Shane now.


Southern Sounds Guitars

Since we opened our doors in 2000, we’ve come across a number of rising stars with the potential to reach celebrity status. John Osbourne is one of our many talents that has earned their superstar quality with a number of blockbuster entertainment productions. Read more about what John Osbourne is up to and the successes of our other talents by contacting us.


SoundVision Recording Studios

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Foqus TV

24 hour music television

The Sponsors: The Talent
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